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1Rhinoplasty Cape Town

1. Rhinoplasty or ‘a nose job’ is most often carried out these days as an open rhinoplasty which involves an incision around the columella, which is the skinny bridge of pores and skin isolating the nostrils. the remainder of the incisions are done inside the nostril, allowing the skin to be lifted off the bone and cartilage so that the inner parts of the nose can also be seen and so that the nose can be more easily reshaped. So many rhinoplasties are performed to make the nose smaller, smoother and to make it in better proportion to the face itself…….

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2Nose Job

2. Secondary rhinoplasty, also known as revision rhinoplasty, requires great analytical and surgical skill. Only those surgeons with long and extensive training and a great deal of rhinoplasty experience can fully restore the breathing function and potentially improve poor results from previously performed nose surgery……

3Nose surgery

3. Depending on its starting size there is a limit on how much smaller a new nose can be shaped. The envelope of skin can only be expected to shrink within a limited range to fit the new cartilage and bone framework. If reduction of the nose is too excessive, the skin could “bunch up” and create a very unattractive fullness to the nose tip….


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